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Aqua Sphere PHANTOM

699€ (sis. ALV 24%).Tutustu myös osamaksumahdollisuuksiimme!

Aqua Sphere PHANTOM kuva 1

Aqua Spheren Phantom edustaa triathlonpukujen eliittiä. Tarkkaan harkitun muotoilun ansiosta puku on kuin toinen iho, parantaen liikkuvuutta ja antaen voimaa. Koot miehille S, M, ML, L, XL ja XXL. Koot naisille S, M ja L.

Patented technologies:

BIO-STRETCH ZONE Strategically placed 1mm stretch zone – allows for max range of motion AUTO-POSITIONING SLEEVE 5mm band with visual cues – encourages a high elbow positioning on pull phase of stroke CORE POWER SYSTEM Internal support system – improves posture, enhancing hip rotation and lengthens stroke

  • Material: Super stretch Yamamoto 39, SCS Coated
  • Aqua-Grip™ cuffs and Aqua-Flex™ collar seal to keep water out
  • Quick-release ankle transition panels – horseshoe-cut design for improved T1 time
  • Extended length, reverse-pull zipper with leash for easy on/off and quick transitions
  • Aqua Drive™ 5ml core body panel maximizes buoyancy and reduces drag
  • Thermo-Guard™ 5ml core body panel to retain body heat
  • Power-Zone™ forearm panels increase traction during the pull phase of your stroke
  • Quick-drying
  • 100% UV protection


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